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Who we are

We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals of canyoning, river and mountain sports in general and in all its forms. In 2019 we started the "canyoning development in Valsesia" project with the goal of strengthening the canyoning activity in the valley, equipping new streams for canyoning. To date, 4 new streams have been explored and equipped and other existing streams have been re-equipped for canyoning in Valsesia. The greater availability of canyoning routes available has positioned us in an advantageous area, each stream has its own characteristics that give it a degree of difficulty for its journey, being able to have several different streams available, translates into a greater and more complete offer of canyoning, capable of satisfying all-round needs, from babycanyoning, a path designed for children from 6 years old, to expert routes designed for more experienced canyoners  who want to try their hand at demanding and unique descents, accompanied by expert and prepared guides. For the accompaniment in the stream we rely only on canyon guides, masters of canyoning, trained professionals  AIGC (Italian Association of Canyon Guides) an association that deals with training, gathering and organizing canyoning professionals.

safety and fun have always been our prerogatives to make this marvelous experience fully experienced  activities .


Our Team

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