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Monterosa Canyoning

Monterosa Canyoning is an amateur sports association in Piode (VC) in Alta Valsesia that offers guided tours and canyoning courses.

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Do you want to try canyoning in Piemone for yourself or for your group of friends? 

Monterosa Canyoning is an amateur sports association in Piode in Alta Valsesia that organizes guided tours and canyoning courses able to give you perfect training according to your needs. 

If you have arrived on our site you will probably know or have already heard of this activity, if instead you are just intrigued we will briefly explain what it is about. 

Canyoning (from the English Canyoning) is an outdoor activity which consists in the descent of gorges (canyons or ravines) dug by small streams or streams with a good flow rate that can be reached by trekking, using rope progression techniques in the vertical points with harnesses , approved carabiners and descenders.

This activity leads to the discovery of uncontaminated places, dug by the water in the gorges of the Alta Valsesia area. 

It is precisely in this area full of different streams that Monterosa Canyoning  offers guided tours that adapt to every need, from baby canyoning, a route designed for children from 6 years old, to expert routes for more experienced canyoners.

For Monterosa Canyoning fun is synonymous with safety, in fact, all the activities are carried out by canyon guides who are canyoning masters, trained professionals  AIGC (Italian association of canyon guides) an association that deals with training, collecting and organizing canyoning professionals.

Our base is located in Piode (Alta Valsesia) in the province of Vercelli, and you will find changing rooms with showers, bars, a barbecue area, a playground for the little ones, a football and tennis pitch, a bike point, access to the river and much more other …

If you want to receive more information about our canyoning trips, contact us on 347 0310044 or send us an email to, we will be happy to make you fall in love with canyoning.

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